Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy

Welcome to Nocturne Alchemy.

Egypt. The land of the Pharaoh, the Pyramids, the Nile, the myths and truths of Dragons, Hieroglyph, Temples, Tombs and the life after. Nocturne Alchemy presents perfume oils and fragrances inspired by the Gods, Goddesses, Temples and Deities of Ancient Egypt. =

Perfume Oil by NAVA. See 'About US' for more information.



Current holiday ship time 14-21 days. NAVA has just returned from the Nov 23-Dec 1 break and orders will commence shipping shortly. Thank you for your patience. If your order right before the break or during, please take into consideration the dates we are not in the Studio. Thank you! Happy NAVAliday 2016!

We are also extending NAVAlloween Part 2 Limited Collection to December 9th at midnight pst. After this time this collection will no longer be available.

Due to the flood of seasonal orders, Samples (and sample requests) will be turned off on October 25 until the return in 2017 in long vial. Samples add a significant length to turn around times and wed all like to see you get your orders before the new year. Because we have so many orders to ship, we cannot accommodate changes to existing orders, add-ons, combining or any special requests through the end of the year.


December 30 at midnight NAVA will close for an undetermined time. We will not take any orders after December 30th as the store will be closed and off-line and all orders placed up until midnight will ship shortly after closure. Customer Service will also close after the last order ships from December 30th. We are closing for an undetermined time-frame with a primary focus on site redesign. We will share updates as they become available.

There will be only 1 NAVAliday update this year, in November. Because there will not be a LE update in December, we suggest waiting until December to order non-limited items such as PC perfumes, since our turnaround time will be faster at that time. The new NAVAliday 2016 Limited Collection will come down December 27 midnight pst.